Starry Mag Reviews: FRIENDS!

Thanks to Jennifer Verzuh of Starry Mag for writing up FRIENDS! The Musical Parody! Of my performance, Jennifer wrote:

"Special kudos belong to Aaron C. Rutherford though. He not only plays Chandler, and does so with charm and a perfect amount of dry wit, but he also earns the musical’s biggest laughs appearing briefly as some of the series’ best recurring characters and guest stars. He takes on the roles of Ross’ monkey, Tom Selleck, Rachel’s love interest Paulo, Phoebe’s evil twin Ursula and the scene stealing Janice to absolutely hysterical effect. His delivery of the famous phrase 'Oh. My. Gawwd,' is perhaps even more iconic than the original line’s reading on the show."

Thanks again, Jennifer!

You can read the full review here, and find tickets to FRIENDS! The Musical Parody's North American Tour before we close August 4 in Los Angeles here.

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