"I resolve…"

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, faithful readers by the dozens of my well-established, highly-intellectual blog. I hope and trust that your holiday seasons have been merry and bright and that you are ringing in 2018 with pomp and celebration this fine evening.

Oh, 2017, you've been an incredible year from me, from the lavish, grand, traditionally monumental experiences (I recently got to see my fourth- and fifth-ever Broadway shows, Come From Away and Hello, Dolly! with the Divine Miss M on a surprise trip to NYC!) to the minuscule, lovely interactions and friendships and relationships I've had and made with wonderful and positive energies you've blessed me by surrounding me with; and on the way, I've learned a few li'l somethings about myself from ya, too. The biggest thing? That I am allowed to be as in love with life as I am.

Which brings me to resolutions. Now, I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions so much -- I get disappointed when it's the third week of February and the track has only seen my feet for a whopping three hours. But I am setting myself some goals and reminders as I reflect in this upcoming year.

THE FIRST, to push myself to harness that love for life and continue to spread positivity regardless of how tempting or normal slipping from it may be.

And THE SECOND, to make more art. As you may know, in addition to my theatrical endeavors, I run a (very very very) small illustration business on the side. It is my goal in 2018 to expand this into a full, part-time business.

I've got to run quick -- nearly time to pop that champagne cork... with my cat... Furry... so I leave you with this quick self-portrait and a wish for you to find love, light, and meaning in everything you do in the upcoming year. Au'voir.

(… and yes, the title is a vague reference to She Loves Me).

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