BWW Detroit Review: Friends!

Thanks to Brian Stanczak-Tuscany of BroadwayWorld Detroit for coming to see FRIENDS! The Musical Parody in our run at the City Theatre downtown. As a Michigan kid myself, I really enjoyed getting to play back home and have many family and friends there.

Brian wrote:

"Another standout in the show is Aaron C. Rutherford as Chandler Bing. In addition to playing Chandler, he also plays several other characters throughout the show. Along with Chandler, Rutherford shines when playing Janice, Chandler's girlfriend. Rutherford sings Oh. My. God. It's Janice! with a hefty amount of energy and poise... "Could I Be Anymore in Love With You? is a heartfelt ballad in which Chandler professes his love for Monica, which succeeds in delivering a true and heartfelt message."

Come catch us before we close! Tickets here.

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